Medical consultations

Evaluation of the patient’s medical condition is often difficult without seeing him/her personally. However, in many cases it is possible to make a judgment about the necessity of a personal office visit or whether additional laboratory and imaging studies would be needed. Online consultation prior to the ordinary office visit may be very useful in saving time and money, especially in complex cases.

It is possible to consult me through these web sites. Especially suitable problems for online consultation are questions related with repeated infections, immunity, vaccinations, anemia (thalassemias, sickle cell, other hemoglobinpathias) and other blood cell disorders. Also, investigation of symptoms of unclear origin or interpretation of laboratory results is possible online. Acute problems are rarely suitable for online consultation.

In case you are uncertain about the proper way to proceed you can first send me a short inquiry in online store (the link is not yet functional). The actual consultation, however, requires very often more detailed information and attached documents. In online store you can choose an ordinary or wide consultation that are priced differentially. A more detailed information about the consultation is available in online store

Pro bono service is free of charge and is offered for those who can not afford the fee consultation but would need my help. Pro bono services can be found in online store.

Separate articles related with above mentioned topics can be found at this site. The number of articles increases with time. Hopefully, they are useful to you.